A spiderweb woven from thousands of subtle lines mingles with stacks of violet blue and emerald green sparkling points. Quickly changing forms float and turn into each other, beams of light cross the space, glittering stars are hovering in the air. As if a fairy revived the paintings of an abstract exhibition where the works of the artist, who used only clear, unmixed colours and microscopic lines - starting a new life, would step out of the frames to occupy a new - an incomprehensible dimension. Can the music be painted? Can music be composed to light? In the fantasy world of Art the answer has always been yes to those questions in a thousand various ways. The laser beam is a new brush, a new colour and paint through which some of the artists try to prove again, and loosen the paradox of the visible sounds and audible pictures.
       This is how the laser-multimedia was born, an electric poem reated from the abundance of colours, forms and sounds by the lovers of light. "Multimedia" - the definition of the forms of the performances, means many-sidedness. The multitudes of information floating through many channels provide incomprehensible compositions that demands from the audience to receive not only the details but the entity with emotions. The multimedias will be enjoyable if the audience also devote themselves to the experience and instead of watching only the details and small pieces, they pay attention to the message of the laser beams, colours, photographs and films projected onto the white semi-sphere of the planetarium's dome. Nowadays the LaserTheater of Budapest, in the Nepliget presents more than 400 performances in a year. In the evenings the green control- lights of the computer start to gleam, the lasertubes start to glow, the projectors start to buzz. A technically very complicated game starts and its final result is always unbelievably simple - we just want to tell you: we do love what is beautiful and exciting, and cannot resist the temptation to show it to you.


... the only permanent light-theater on the European continent. From the encounter of music, the Fine Arts, and the laser beam not only a new technique but a new form of expression was born. As the leader of the lightart group György Hegedüs says: "People genuinely wish to experience abstraction". The message of the television, the movies, the newspapers are ordinary stories an they effect only the surface of the mind. The performances of the LaserTheater are really about nothing. Everything is abstraction here. And still, through our senses the sight penetrates into our feelings.


      Since the first laser-multimedia show in Hungary in 1980 the LaserTheater is run by a group of young people the Multimedia Studio. The representatives of the Fine Arts, the Applied Arts, the art of music, photography and video work on the new programmes, together with the engineers of the highest technology.
      The LaserTheater produces a performance in about 3 to 4 months during that period the idea is realized reaching final expression as programs in the memories of the computers. Coreography, design and the special effects programmed into computers, are revived by the laserists. The laserists make the performances colourful and dynamic, however they are not only performers. They also take part in the creative process design and do maintenance work on the terribly complex laser projector system. In the evenings, after the performances the laserists are ready to answer any questions related to the laser and the multimedia. We welcome your personal opinions and any interest!


      Well it needs only 26 caroussel projectors, 4 computers, cd player, 2 watercooled gas-lasers, prisms, filterings, hundreds of mirrors, special designs of effect projectors which during the past more than 1OOOO performances have all been changed and adapted to the increasing demands.